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Legal, Copyright and risks involved in P2P applications

Legal Overview

File sharing is not illegal so long as you abide by all relevant copyright laws. Sharing, downloading and reproducing copyrighted material without permission to do so is Illegal.

Please visit the following websites in order to get more information:

- FTC Consumer Alert: Click here to view the original article as posted by the FTC

- For more information on music & movie copyrights visit the RIAA and MPAA websites

- Copyright Basics: Click here to find out the basics about copyrights

- Electronic Frontier Foundation: Click here for important information on Filesharing

- Copyrights: Click here to view copyright laws as stated by the US Government

- If you are unsure of the copyrights on a specific file: Click here to search the Gov't registry


Here are some interesting rulings in regards to the legality of file sharing programs:

USA Court Decision - Federal Judge Rules: File-swapping tools are legal

- Canadian Court Decision - Canada's Federal Court has ruled against (...) suing individuals...

- European Court Decision - The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has thrown out an appeal...


Please note that the above references are provided for better understanding of file sharing technology, methodology and any relevant issues. Our website will attempt to keep you as up-to-date as possible but we strongly suggest keeping yourself updated with all the issues related to file downloading.


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Share Responsibly: Uploading or downloading of copyrighted material without the permission or authorization
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